Wednesday, June 18, 2014


It's Wednesday and I am very excited to share a new WIP!  I have been thinking about making this quilt ever since I found the pattern on Moda Bake Shop's blog.  I just love the pattern and knew I had enough scraps left from another project that would be perfect.

It was not exactly marked as high priority on my to-do list, but I just couldn't help myself with making a few blocks.  Then, they were so quick and addicting that I just kept going!  In fact, I currently have it basted in 2 sections and I am quilting using a quilt as you go method.  I was able to quilt half on Sunday so I only have half to go!  If I really focus this weekend, I may just get it done in record time!

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  1. Looking good! What a nice soft colors!

  2. Really beautiful fabrics and a lovely pattern. It's great when you find something you just love doing and can't help yourself.

  3. Beautiful. I'm also thinking about how to apply qayg to "regular" type quilts in an effort to be quicker and have less to shove through my machine at the end. I'll have to look this pattern up cause it's really nice!

  4. This is cool! I love your colors. :)