Sunday, July 28, 2013


Today was such a perfect morning!  My husband was sleeping in and it was quiet in the house, so what better to do with my time than finish up a few quilting projects!  I usually have several quilt tops on the shelves that are waiting to be quilted and bound.  Today was no exception.  I decided this morning that I wanted to finish something rather than just make progress on one of the numerous quilts that are "in progress".  I was an over achiever and finished three!

This first quilt uses the traditional Granny Squares pattern.  I had the urge to make my first granny squares a few months ago....and they quickly became addictive.  In fact, I have several "in progress" quilts with the same pattern with different fabrics.  This one uses various Moda solids in aqua, teal, green, and gray.  It is a wonderful gender neutral baby quilt.  I just may have to make another since I love this one so much! 

The second quilt that I finished today uses the Babysaurus collection fabric along with Moda solids.  It is similar to a quilt that I made a while ago, but this one is larger with straight line quilting.  I have lots of this fabric left, so I expect to use it in several more projects! 

The third project that I finished this morning is a quilt that is earmarked for donation.  There will be more on that when I am finished with additional quilts!  :)

Check out my Etsy shop for more information on the Granny Squares and Babysaurus quilts!  


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